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  • Boas, Bowling and Tommy Guns. Sweeeet.

    Why helllooooo there everyone. I seriously can’t get over how fast this weekend flew by it was slightly crazy. Want to hear about it? Well go to the bathroom and maybe grab some popcorn, this could be a long one, but I do have pictures, so that helps right? Friday: Got home from work and […]

  • I saw it in that movie.

    So it’s no surprise that I love Hollywood and movies and all that jazz. Although I talk about all celebs and TV and music and craziness, by far my most favorite Hollywoodish thing is the movies. I love movies. I aspire to gain fame similar to Siskel and Ebert and one day attend the Academy […]

  • It’s a questionable Friday.

    Clearly I’m too lazy/tired/exhausted/boring/creative for a real post today, so alas I pose some questions: How long untilI eat all of the Cheryl cookies? Has NKOTB’s new CD really been in my car player for a month and a half? I just can’t stop. Have you ever showed up to work looking like you stepped […]

  • Just call me Dr. Katelin.

    Well it’s not like I have a PhD in helpful hints or am all knowing, but I would like to impart some of my latest knowledge upon you all that I find to be quite useful. And the top ten goes something like this: One. If you think you’ve somehow messed your blog layout and […]

  • Weekend-o-girly-awesomeness.

    So as you know I spent my weekend jet setting across the country to visit some of my most favorite people and man was it worth it. First of all, thank you Jamie for stepping in on Friday’s post, seriously there’s no denying the NKOTB awesomeness. So anyhoo…the weekend… But as I said, most definitely […]

  • I’m Happy and I know it.

    Oh man, ever have one of those days, or weeks even where work just gets you down? I’m trying my best not to be stressed with all of my new stuff and slowly bu surely I’m getting to it all and hopefully kickin butt in the process. But with all the stress and work I’ve […]

  • Weekends are not meant for allergies.

    As you can tell by the title the allergy gods shined the curses upon me and I suffered all weekend long. Gah. But I still made it through….barely… Friday: Sadly I did not see Ryan Gosling. Even after forfeiting my lunch break to eat and read inside and look outside the lobby window, Ryan decided […]

  • Weekend oh weekend.

    Oh man so usually I have my weekend updates posted Sunday night or ready to go Monday morning but alas as you can tell this bad boy isn’t going up until now, oh well. The weekend tired me out and I was in bed by 10 last night, oh yes I am a rebel, haha. […]