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  • I’ve got the Dodger Blues.

    Oh what a fabulous weekend and I’m so sad to see it go. But let’s recap shall we? Friday: I took the day off of work but man I did not relax. My day started at 9 and went something like this: Meet with the florist, finalize order. Pay bill at the doctor’s office. Eye […]

  • Some letter writing.

    Dear EA Active, Thanks so much for kicking my ass the past two mornings. No really, my thighs may not be functioning properly but I appreciate the good workout and it’s definitely helping project: loser move forward. So yeah, keep doing what you’re doing and although I may yell obscenities at you I still truly […]

  • Suit up Hollywood!

    And hello Tuesday, ready for some Hollywood? Why yes of course you are. Starting off this week’s cuteness we have an oh so adorable play date between Michelle Williams and Matilda with one of my faves Busy Phillips and her daughter Birdie. Basically it makes me happy to see Dawson alums hanging out and being […]

  • Oh what a loverly weekend.

    Monday? Really? Already. Okay then. And weekend recap and go. Friday: Had dinner with Matt at home, caught up on some TV for a bit. Drank a lot of wine to forget about the wedding mishap earlier in the day. Yeah I only had two wedding things planned and now one is unplanned for the […]

  • Keeping San Diego classy.

    Oh and classy it was indeed. Okay well maybe not really, but it’s only appropriate since Anchorman is one of the best movies ever and I just feel the need to say how classy everything is when I go to San Diego, haha. Anyhoo, weekend recap and go! Friday: Right after work Matt and I […]

  • Some Wednesday thoughts.

    Oh yes it’s one of those days where I just feel like rambling and sharing uselessness, so enjoy: Last night I realized that I own 16 Old Navy tank tops. Oh yes, 16. And I almost thought about getting more this weekend at the $2 deal. Yeah don’t know about that anymore. Listening to Wicked […]

  • Chicago Take One.

    Oh vacation how I heart you so and I heart you even more when it’s for six days and in Chicago.Seriously, last week was so much fun I can barely believe it’s over already. So yes I believe some recapping is in order, so much in fact that I know I can’t cover it all […]

  • Oh what a summerful busyful weekend.

    Summer, I love you. Have I said that already? Because really I do. Even if I’m melting in my apartment as I write this I still love the summertime and the summertime weekends that come with it. And oh what a summer weekend this was… Friday: After work I headed home and Matt and I […]