Category: Monthly Riley

  • On Turning Five.

    Dear Riley, I tried writing this letter a few times and every time I started, I didn’t know what to say. More so, I didn’t know how to say it. On Wednesday you turned FIVE. FIVE! Five seems so big. And yet, you’re still so small. You love superheroes and ABBA. You want to dress […]

  • On Turning Four.

    Dear Riley, Today you turn four years old. How that happened is beyond me. But it’s here and you are four. You’re no longer a toddler and most definitely a kid. A kid with opinions and friends and dance moves. A kid that makes up songs and is obsessed with butts and poop jokes. A […]

  • On Turning Three.

    On Monday, Riley turned three. And as a surprise to no one, it gave me a whole lot of feelings. For weeks he had been asking when it was going to be his birthday and the day finally came. Although, he probably thought it was Saturday when we threw a party for him. But still, […]

  • Riley: Twenty Four Months.

    You guys, can you believe I have a TWO year old? I can’t. I really can’t. I mean, he’s been two for over a week and I’m still in a bit of denial over here. In any case, I figured it would be kind of fun to do a monthly check-in because two is quite […]

  • On Turning Two.

    Dear Riley, On Sunday, you’ll turn two years old. How that happened is beyond me. Last I checked, you were still a sleep terrorist who liked cuddles and a wooden spoon and could barely say ‘mama.’ Now you’re a toddler sleep terrorist who loves hugs and throwing balls and is surprising us daily with all […]

  • Riley: Eighteen Months.

    On Friday Riley turned eighteen months. A full year and a half. Toddlerhood. Time to panic. Or find a pause button. I figured, with such a fun milestone might as well do another monthly update(ish). He: – Has so much personality. It’s hard to even describe because it’s just so much and just so everywhere […]

  • Riley: Twelve Months.

    So last Friday I became the mother to a ONE year old. TWELVE whole months Riley has been in our lives. It’s still so nutty to say. But oh my goodness. He: – Is the goofiest, silliest kiddo around. His personality has just exploded this past month and I absolutely love it. – Is unfortunately […]

  • On Your Birthday.

    Dear Riley, Today you turn ONE. How that happened, I have no idea. As your mama, I’m full of all sorts of emotions. Part of me is excited that your dad and I made it, we made it to a year. You’re in one piece, we’re in one piece (albeit insanely sleep deprived), high five […]