Category: My Crazy Life

  • Great Expectations.

    If there is one thing that motherhood has taught me, it’s keeping my expectations in check. Sometimes I think I know exactly what my kids want or will like and I am just so far off it’s almost laughable. For Riley’s birthday last week we took him to Disneyland and California Adventure. I was absolutely […]

  • On Turning Five.

    Dear Riley, I tried writing this letter a few times and every time I started, I didn’t know what to say. More so, I didn’t know how to say it. On Wednesday you turned FIVE. FIVE! Five seems so big. And yet, you’re still so small. You love superheroes and ABBA. You want to dress […]

  • Heavy.

    Welp. The end of 2019 truly tested me. I feel bad whenever people ask me how the holidays were, because I’ve been pretty frank about it. Between December 21st and January 1st, four people that I know died. My cousin, my great aunt on my mom’s side, my great aunt on my dad’s side and […]

  • Dear Santa.

    Dear Santa, This has been A YEAR. Seriously. Can you just take note to whoever is in charge, that I’d like a nice and easy 2020? Please? Pretty please? I also decided that I’m not too old to write you letters and this year I have a few things on my list. So here goes: […]

  • The Second Child Moment.

    A few weeks ago when Rhys was refusing to nap, I watched him dance around his crib and start to scream and make random noises. It was amusing. Until Matt and I noticed that he was starting to climb out. And not just attempt to climb, but get full on horizontal. Now, if you remember, […]

  • Changes.

    Guys, apparently I don’t do well with changes. WordPress changed its layout. Flickr changed its layout. And it really put a dent into my whole “let’s get back into writing” mojo. Seriously, trying to figure out all these new shenanigans and goodness, I feel old. So yeah, I’ve had a post in the queue for […]

  • Hello, Again.

    Lately, when night rolls around and the boys are in bed, I sit alone and wonder where the hell the day went. Although today, it’s more like, where the hell did the last three months go? It’s the longest break from writing I’ve ever taken in my twelve years of owning this space. And it […]

  • Bye, Bye Baby.

    Last week I saw a picture of Riley at Rhys’s age wearing some shoes that we hadn’t yet taken out. So I opened up Pandora’s Box (also known as the boys’ closet) and searched until I came across the box of shoes and found not one, but two pairs that Rhys could wear now. Seriously, […]