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  • Hollywoodliciousnessess.

    Why hello Hollywood! How’s it going? Got anything good for me? Why of course you do, why do I even ask… Starting off this week’s bebe cuteness we have one of my favorite little tykes, Kingston Rossdale all decked out in tiger paint with mama Gwen on the slide, seriously precious. so darn cute! Also […]

  • Hollywood heartface.

    Another Tuesday, another day in Hollywood so heeeeere weeeeee goooooo. Starting off this week we have some serious cuteness coming from mom-to-be Isla Fisher and her oh so adorable and smiley daughter Olive. Seriously she’s precious, she should be friends with Violet and Harlow and ah the cuteness would be amazing. preciousness! Also bringing in […]

  • A day in Hollywoo woo wooland.

    Oh let’s not waste any time there is plenty to share this week in Hollywood, so here we go: Starting off this week’s cuteness we have the oh so adorable Harlow Madden on another mommy and me date. Seriously she is all sorts of precious and is definitely going up the list of fave bebes. […]

  • Hollywood go round.

    Another day, another week in Hollywood and here we go. Starting off this week’s cuteness we have the oh so adorable Kingston and Zuma Rossdale enjoying some pool time with mama Gwen. Seriously this picture just makes my heart melt a wee bit with their oh so big smiles. gah those smiles are so dang […]

  • Oh it’s Oscar time!

    How are the Academy Awards over already? Seriously, it’s just so sad. And man this recap would have been a lot easier and coherent if I had my computer out during the show, but alas I was too busy drinking belinis and clapping and yelling at the TV and hanging out with some friends that […]

  • Some letter writing.

    Dear EA Active, Thanks so much for kicking my ass the past two mornings. No really, my thighs may not be functioning properly but I appreciate the good workout and it’s definitely helping project: loser move forward. So yeah, keep doing what you’re doing and although I may yell obscenities at you I still truly […]

  • Hollywoopdedoop.

    A Hollywood post on a Tuesday? Why yes it is! Hollywood Tuesdays are back so let’s not waste any time cause there’s lots to catch up on. First of all, don’t forget to enter my TCM 21 Days of Oscar giveaway, it ends tomorrow! Next and onto some uber cuteness. I mean really, Hollywood brought […]

  • The warm and fuzzies of Hollywood.

    It’s time for your weekly dose of Hollywood know all, so here we go! Starting off this week’s cuteness we have some of the Jolie-Pitt kids yet again! Seriously Knox and Vivienne are so freaking adorable and look just like mini Shiloh’s it’s adorable and ohmygod they have Angelina’s big pouty lips like wo. But […]