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  • It’s a circus in Hollywood.

    Why hello there Hollywood, I felt so out of the loop last week and this week but now I’m all caught up (at least I hope I am) and here to share with you, so here we go: Starting out this week with some super cuteness we have baby Lou. *and her mom Heidi Klum, […]

  • Wave hello Hollywood.

    Why hello there Hollywood Tuesday, how are you today? Fine? Yes I thought so. Starting out this week’s cuteness we have little Levi McConaughey rocking a new do and walking his dog (that’s almost as big as he is!) and is just all sorts of adorable: aw he’s so wittle and cute. Also bringing in […]

  • Hollywood’s got cuties, a mullet and a serial killer.

    It’s Tuesday so you know what that means…Tacos! Well that for some people but for me it’s for Hollywood Day! So without further adieu, here we go: Bringing some uber cuteness to Hollywood is little Louis Bardo! Seriously he is so dang precious and I love Sandy with him and aw, heartface. oh so squishy […]

  • Hip hip Hollywood.

    Totally not Hollywood related, but don’t forget my giveaway ends this afternoon, so enter away! Anyhoo moving onto Hollywoodness. However a disclosure before this post, I’ve already taken Advil PM so I apologize for the run-on sentences and Rob gawking and rambling ahead of time. And go! Starting off this week’s oh so adorableness we […]

  • An Eclipsing day in Hollywood.

    Another Tuesday, another fabulous day in Hollywood. So let’s get started shall we? Starting off this week’s cuteness we have a new baby on the block, little Charlotte Prinze with mama Sarah Michelle Gellar. Seriously she is too cute and love those cheeks! oh so precious. Also bringing some major cuteness is little Satyana Denisof […]

  • Hollywood is the new hawtness.

    I swear Hollywood Tuesdays will be on Tuesdays again for more than just a week at a time, haha. Anyhoozits although I was out for a while I still managed to find some Hollywoodness to share today so here we go: Starting off with some serious cuteness we have little Levi McConaughey rockin some team […]

  • Swoonyface Hollywood.

    I think this might be the least amount of posting I’ve ever done and man does it feel weird. But really after posting the Vegas recap I just couldn’t muster up the energy to go through Hollywood. But alas I am recovered and bringing you your weekly dose of Hollywood happenings, so here we go: […]

  • A hankering for Hollywood.

    Helloooo Hollywood! And welcome to Tuesday. Here we go! Starting off this week’s uber cuteness we have little Levi and Mama Camila on a bike ride. Seriously he is such a cutie, but where was shirtless daddy this time? he looks so nervous, but it’s so cute! Also bringing some uber cuteness is soon-to-be big […]