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  • Ah!

    So much I want to post today and I can’t. Too busy. Ah!But here’s a pic of Milo, in the spirit of Heroes, that I’m missing tonight: Because I’m going to see these guys instead: With this guy: Aren’t you jealous? :) Okay finishing up work now. Woo. Happy Monday!

  • Yarrrrrr.

    Today is “Talk like a Pirate Day.” I think I knew this, but I’m not really sure. I only just saw this on TMZ and my coworker told me earlier this morning. I vaguely remember people walking around Denison dressed from head to toe in pirate attire and going “argh matey” as they passed people […]

  • Two pictures.

    And two different reasons for posting them. Picture One.Wentworth Miller looking oh so hot and prison like, haha. A coworker of mine is a huge “Prison Break” fan so I find myself noticing him and stuff related to the show more often, so I thought I’d share this lovely pic. Picture Two.Tom Selleck, his wife […]

  • "Come by me…"

    Happy Birthday Harry! The Big 4-0!Woo! The man with the best Christmas album ever.

  • Hey Keanu!

    Thank you PopSugar, Thank You.