Category: Hollywood Tales

  • Busy Buzzy Bumblebee.

    The key to Riley’s heart these days? Robots. More specifically Transformers. So when my friends at Paramount reached out and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing the new Bumblebee movie and receiving a fun gift kit, I did not hesitate to say YESSSSSSS. Fast forward to a week later and a magical box of […]

  • Gnome is Where the Heart is.

    Riley’s at this really great age where all new TV shows and movies are the most amazing thing to him. So when I told him we had a new movie to watch last week, dude was all about it. He hasn’t seen Gnomeo and Juliet yet, but I figured he’d be okay missing some plot points […]

  • Fun with Monster Trucks.

    As I mentioned in my last post, one of the quickest ways to my child’s heart: TRUCKS. So when I was invited to the Paramount lot for a press event for the movie Monster Trucks, I jumped at the chance. Riley and I got to visit some friends, hang out on the lot, have some lunch […]


    Remember how I said how good I am at binge watching TV shows? I wasn’t kidding. Last month I watched season one of Outlander. In a week. I would joke to Matt that I didn’t mind if he had to work late because I was headed to Scotland. YOU GUYS. I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT THIS […]

  • My Golden Globes Train of Thought.*

    *As a reminder, I was 13 in 1997. And saw Titanic in theater five times.  Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are both in attendance. If there is no reunion shot this whole show is pointless. KATE WINSLET WINS! (I guess I should go watch Steve Jobs). But really, HURRAY KATE! And why is there no reaction shot […]

  • An Ode to Parks & Rec.

    Every now and then a TV show comes along that gives me all sorts of feelings. The last show to give me so many feelings was Sons of Anarchy. I was INVESTED. Clearly. And Shonda Rimes and her shows give me all the feelings, but that should be a category of its own. Before them I’d […]

  • My TV Binge.

    You guys. I have a confession to make. Since I was laid off in November and have essentially been home since then, I’ve binge watched a lot of television. Like an almost embarrassing amount. And I feel like I should share it with you all. House of Cards. When the newest season came out I […]

  • Dear Keanu.

    Dear Keanu, This year marks our twenty year meet-cute*. TWENTY. I remember the day where I was reluctantly dragged to see SPEED on the big screen, complaining that it wasn’t my kind of movie. Oh, how wrong I was. Not only was it my kind of movie, it became MY MOVIE. Honestly, my name is practically […]