On Turning Five.

by katelin on February 7, 2020

Dear Riley,

I tried writing this letter a few times and every time I started, I didn’t know what to say. More so, I didn’t know how to say it.

On Wednesday you turned FIVE.


Five seems so big. And yet, you’re still so small. You love superheroes and ABBA. You want to dress up like Ironman and dance to Newsies. You give your brother kisses and you also straight up do things to taunt him.

You love running around and playing every single sport. You are the most active kid I know, and yet, you could also spend the whole day watching movies and be totally fine.

I love that you love frozen peas and banana pancakes. I also love that when we were at Disneyland for your birthday, you asked if we really went to space after being on a ride. Every day you seem like such a big kid, but it’s moments like those that keep you small.

Riley Charles, I love being your mom, even on the hard days. Even on the sick days and the tantrum days. I love being your mom.

I hope this year brings you joy, brings you fun, brings you less coughs, more giggles, more first, lots of hugs, less fights with your brothers, more laughs with your brother and all of the love.

I love you sweet boy.

Happy 5th Birthday Riley!

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