The Big Kid.

Preschool DayThis summer, Riley turned into a big kid. I don’t know how it happened, but it did.

Maybe it started with summer camp. He went for three weeks. I dropped him off and picked him up every day. And every day I felt like he was getting a little bit more confidence and just a little bit older. A little bit more of a big kid.

It’s wild how it just happens.

All of a sudden this kid who I spend all my time with, is off doing things without me with people I don’t know. He’s making his own friends, solving problems on his own (I hope), listening to new adults (I hope) and making his own way.

It’s still a bit surreal.

Somehow summer camp flew by and summer overall has been winding down and now he’s in preschool five days a week. He’s only going for three hours a day, but it’s a bit crazy.

Before I know, kinder will be here and the real fun begins.

Here’s to big changes and exciting times ahead for my little big kid.