The Conquerer.

by katelin on January 29, 2019

UntitledA week from today, Riley turns FOUR.

How that happened is beyond me. But at the same time, I am so ready to peace out with the threes because holy hell. Three has put us through the ringer. Yes, it’s definitely had its ups, but the downs have been insane.

But let’s focus on the ups, shall we. One of the best ups lately has been watching Riley conquer his fears.

Even though he’s always one to run amok with friends, Riley is still surprisingly cautious. He’s never really been a climber (until lately). And I think he’s got a reserved fear of heights (Hi, he gets that one from me).

But lately, I’ve seen these little moments come out. Little moments that I can tell he’s working through a fear.
Yesterday we went to the park and he wanted to climb a tree. And he did it. All on his own. Granted, it wasn’t a very tall tree or even that difficult. But for him, it was a big deal. And for me, it was amazing to watch.

I’ve also seen his friends climb up a play structure with ease and Riley not even hesitate to do it too. Yes, he was a little shaky and a little wary, but I watched him do it with silent pride.

He’s my little conquerer. And it’s just so fun to watch. I can’t wait to see what he decides to conquer next.



happy tuesday!

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