Rhys: Ten Months.

by katelin on January 18, 2019

UntitledLast week (on the 9th), Rhys turned TEN MONTHS OLD. We are so close to having a one year old it’s slightly terrifying. But also exciting. But more like terrifying.


– Is the cutest little chomper around. Seriously, this kid has five teeth and loves to use them. He is a biter. It’s quite painful. But really, it needs to stop.

– Cruises. All over the place. Sofas and tables are his preferred methods of moving, and lately even a little sturdy walker. I feel like any day now he’ll actually be walking. I’m so not ready, but at the same time, maybe a little.

– Claps and waves and dances. And he’s just the happiest little goofball around.

– Is still eyebrow-less. It’s hilarious.
– Celebrated his first Christmas like a champ. He was trekked around with us to lights and Santa visits and parties and he made it. When actual Christmas rolled around, he was doted on by family and didn’t care at all about presents or boxes or even the paper.

– Is in 18 month clothing already. It’s bonkers. He’s such a little chunk and growing so fast and every time I pack away clothes I get a little sad. But I also love bringing out the new batch. So many cute clothes!

– Eats like it’s his job. His hand/eye coordination is getting good and watching him actually pick out what he wants to eat is so fun.
– Doesn’t sleep. His naps are minimal. And his nighttime sleep is still laughable. He starts out in his crib but most nights ends up in our room.

– Says “Mama” and “Dada” and sometimes it seems like he’s using them right, other times it’s just babbling. But it’s super freaking cute either way.

– Has gotten so many bonks on his head and scratches on his face. This kid is so going to be our little daredevil.

– So desperately wants to keep up with Riley. He’s trying. And when he’s not trying to get into everything Riley’s doing, he’s laughing at Riley or he’s trying to keep tabs on Riley.


– Survived the holidays, just barely.

– Ended the year with Liane Moriarty’s new book and I was a big fan.

– Kicked off the year with Matt at Harry Potter World. It was truly a magical day in a truly magical place.
Untitled– Am on the hunt for more freelance work. My work got scaled back right before the holidays and it’s been a bit of a bummer, but I’m looking. I’m even starting to look at full-time work again. Who knows. I just wish someone could decide my career path for me already.

– Am ready for a nap. Or more coffee. Or both. Always.



happy weekend!

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