A Weekend in Nashville.

by katelin on November 29, 2018

Guys. Remember how I went to Nashville?

And how it was the best and how I not so secretly love country music and how a trip with girlfriends was legitimately good for my soul? Right? Right.

So I’ve been back a few weeks but I still want to share some highlights because if you’ve never been to Nashville, it’s like a weird hybrid of New Orleans meets Vegas meets I don’t even know what.

Alas, some highlights:

– I had pulled pork for the first three meals. All in various forms (tacos, bowl, breakfast) and all were delicious. Essentially, I didn’t have a bad meal while we were there. 10/10 would eat all the things (especially the BBQed things) again.

– Honky tonks are my jam. Like for real. Of the five us girls that were there, I knew the most country songs. It was a bit ridiculous. But amazing. I mean, constant live country music? Count. Me. In. I legitimately got annoyed when bands would play stuff that wasn’t country. However, I did make an exception when apparently the norm was for bands to play The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song (because that happened more than once) and TLC’s “Waterfalls.” Because, sure, why not?

– We saw the Opry at the Ryman and it was an experience. Besides being an awesome venue, the highlight was that the headliner of the night was Scotty McCreery. Guys, I legitimately laughed when I found out it was going to be him because if you’ve been around this blog long enough you may remember that back in 2011 I went to the American Idol finale. The one where Scotty won. So yes, I saw Scotty McCreery perform for THE THIRD TIME. How does that happen? Ha. I mean, he was good. As were all the other Opry performers. But still, such a random thing. Untitled– It was truly delightful to spend the weekend with four girls. I’m in a house of boys and being surrounded by my college girlfriends was good for my soul in a different kind of way than just a date night or a me-time date. But to catch up on our lives, talk about our kids, have drinks, and do things on our own schedule? Truly priceless.

– Spending the weekend with girls that have known me for over fifteen years was also nice in that they talked me out of wearing sandals when it was 35 degrees outside (apparently I am no longer allowed to do that, this isn’t college any more). And we collectively indulged on late night pizza and wine and bad holiday movies in our Airbnb. True friendship.Untitled
– We went on a plantation tour. It was awe-inducing to see the Fall leaves in action and the range of the house and the history behind it. It was awe-inspiring to visit slave quarters and read about just a smidgen of history.

– We went to a speakeasy and got fancy drinks (mine were gin). And I pretended like I was a cocktail person when real we all know wine is the name of my game, ha.

– I played in all the leaves. Always. How could I not?
– We stopped by Reese Witherspoon’s store Draper James to peruse. They handed out sweet tea and the store was all around so cute. Not my style at all, but I can appreciate the Southern cuteness.

– 100 layer donuts were had and they were delicious.

– My friend Zoe and I both have kids who don’t sleep so we got to share a room, where we slept in. AND THE SLEEP WAS GLORIOUS. Like, legitimately, we were so excited to sleep.

All in all, Nashville was just the trip I needed. I got my dose of Fall with a whole lot of girl time. And I got sleep. And I got country. And just, it was a really really good time.




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