The Wedding Date.

by katelin on November 6, 2018

I have about three drafts waiting to be finished, a book that needs to be read, TV shows I can’t wait to start (House of Cards, Sabrina, Great British Baking Show), dishes that need to be put away and an apartment that desperately needs a vacuum.

Basically, I feel like I have a whole lot to do and I don’t always know when I’m going to get to do it.

Instead, I want to talk about my weekend a bit.
If you follow me elsewhere you’re already privy to the wedding I went to on Saturday night. It was truly a night that Matt and I needed. I feel like we’ve both been so strung out lately, running on little sleep, a lot of stress and just haven’t really been syncing up lately. But Saturday night, I feel like we got a bit of a reboot.
We were kid-free, surrounded by Matt’s family and at a wedding that basically ticked off all the marks of my favorite things. It was at the Warner Brothers lot (movie magic, check!), we got to explore the museum full of amazing movie things, particularly Harry Potter (nerd magic, check! check!), there was a donut wall for dessert (my love language, check!), a photo booth with cute props (my favorite, check!) and a great band that had everyone dancing (check!).

Ultimately, it was just a really good night. Capped off by uninterrupted sleep (my parents were saints and watched both boys over night), an actual dream.

As the busy time of year kicks in, it was really nice to start it off with just Matt. It’s easy to forget how much we need time to ourselves sometimes. So I’m glad his cousin gave us a really good excuse.


happy tuesday!

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