On the move.

by katelin on October 25, 2018

See that little face? That is the face of a kid who crawled on over there. He’s CRAWLING. Sweet mercy, help.

I knew it would happen soon, he was so close for so long, but as of Saturday, we have a crawler on our hands. And I have to get vacuuming. And baby proofing. And praying he doesn’t do everything at warped speed.

Because hello, he’s only seven months. He’s crawling.

And then two nights ago, he pulled himself up to a stand in the crib. I screamed. More in shock but also in an attempt to stop him from doing it again.

Apparently Rhys is going to keep me on my toes from here on out. I should have known.

So say a little prayer for my sanity.

And Riley’s toys.

And Rhys.

But mainly me, because let’s face it, two kids on the move is going to keep me on the move forever and ever.

Here we go.




happy thursday!

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