by katelin on July 30, 2018

Enjoying: Time with family and friends. Last night we finally went to a music in the park and it was delightful. It was one of those summer things I’d always wanted to do and we finally got our act in gear to do it. My mom and my aunt joined us, as did my best friend and her family and it was just fun. And we’ve also spent a lot of time lately with my sister and my brother and Matt’s family and random play dates. And I’m just really enjoying it.

Watching: In the past few weeks I’ve devoured The Handmaid’s Tale, The Iron Fist and most recently SAFE. I think next up will be most likely be The Defenders or the newest season of Orange is the New Black.

Reading: The Death of Mrs. Westaway. I’ve read all of Ruth Ware’s books and enjoyed the suspense of all of them so far. I’m only a few chapters into this one and I’m already a fan.

Eating: Trader Joe’s Popcorn. You guys. It is crack. In a bag. The Spices and Herbs version is my favorite so far, but basically I’ve been trying out all of the Trader Joe’s popcorn varieties and I’m just never going to stop.

Dreaming of: SLEEP. My sleep. A baby who sleeps. Lots of sleep.

Wearing: $3 tank tops from Old Navy. My sister bought me two and I’m seriously considering going back to buy more. They are perfect for these hot summer days and nursing a baby and are loose enough that I don’t feel so sticky and sweaty all of the time.

Proud of: Matt. Last weekend he solo parented (with the help of his mom, his brother and my parents) while I went to my sister’s bachelorette party. It’s not that he doesn’t know how to dad, but to do it all weekend with a four month old, it’s not easy. I’m also just proud that he’s been working his ass off lately as we both try to navigate the coming months. Marriage, parenthood, it’s a team effort guys.

Dreading: Potty training. We keep putting it off. And just. I have zero desire to do this. But at the same time, all of the desire because I just want to buy diapers for one kid, not two. Hopefully we’ll get our act in gear and we’ll just do it. And it will click for Riley. So pray for us. And our carpet.
And how are you these days? I’m so behind on all things blog reading, catch me up.


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