Riley See, Riley Do.

by katelin on July 6, 2018

First of all, thank you for all the kind comments and words of encouragement on my last post. I swear, the terrible twos have nothing on these threenager years. But alas, we’ll get through it and maybe I’ll miss it once it passes, maybe.

Second of all, apparently all I write about is parenting quips these days. I mean, I still binge watch too many TV shows and read in my “spare” time. But alas, this parenting gig is the gist of my writing.

So here we go.
In our latest parenting milestone, we have the desire to copy Mom. Riley has always wanted to be like Matt. He calls dress shirts “Daddy shirts”, if Matt is wearing a hat then Riley wants to wear a hat, he watches sports with Matt, he always wants to play with him, he is so very much Daddy’s boy.

So when a few weeks ago when I was painting my nails, I was surprised when Riley asked me to paint his too. I was also a little happy about it. I had red nails, Riley wanted green and we were good to go.

Since then he’s had blue nails and he’s currently rocking matching red orange nails with me.

So far, he’s been all too excited to show them off to whoever cares but other times he doesn’t even notice that they’re painted. Yesterday I asked him why he liked his nail polish and he said “Cause it’s like your toes, Mommy.” And then maybe I teared up a little.

I admittedly love that he finally wants to do something because I do it.

I hope he continues to read because I read or dance silly because I dance like a crazy person. It’s the moments like these that I adore and I hope they stay innocent in his little mind for just a little longer.




happy weekend!

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