Parenting Anxiety.

by katelin on June 22, 2018

UntitledLately I’ve been experiencing a bit of parenting anxiety.

Mostly in the form of “Will Riley behave? Will Riley keep his hands to himself?”

Last week we were at a friend’s house and Riley and his friend started to disagree. Loudly. I couldn’t see it all but I did see them start yelling at each other, then I saw her yell right in his face and he immediately slapped her across the face. He slapped her enough that a mark appeared.

I was a combination of furious, embarrassed, frustrated and sad.

Riley has had issues with hitting in the past and I thought perhaps we were finally moving past it. And I was wrong.

In general Riley has had a hard time expressing some of his feelings lately and overall listening. Perhaps it’s because he turned three or the fact that Rhys arrived or you know, because he’s a kid.

Either way, it’s been giving me a bit of anxiety.

Any time we go to the park or the museum or basically anywhere with other kids I find myself silently praying he’ll play nicely.

I feel like this is one of those things the parenting books can’t really prepare you for. How do you raise a good tiny human? How do you efficiently get the point across to keep your hands to yourself? How do you not feel like a terrible parent when your kid leaves a bruise on his friend’s face?

I wish I knew.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to keep reading books and watching shows and reiterating to Riley that hands are for hugs and high fives and hope it sticks. And I’ll continue to give myself a break as a parent and not immediately feel like I’m failing when he does something wrong.

I know this is “a phase” and that eventually “it’ll pass” but it’s hard and the threenage years have proven to be difficult.

I love my child. But I do not love this part.

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