Gnome is Where the Heart is.

by katelin on June 12, 2018

Riley’s at this really great age where all new TV shows and movies are the most amazing thing to him. So when I told him we had a new movie to watch last week, dude was all about it.

He hasn’t seen Gnomeo and Juliet yet, but I figured he’d be okay missing some plot points and would thoroughly enjoy Sherlock Gnomes (you know, because he’s three, ha).
Sherlock Gnomes
And I was right.

The gnomes, the dragons (well, gargoyles), and the music were all Riley approved. The movie essentially follows Gnomeo and Juliet as they try to rescue their missing family and friends with the help of…. you guessed it, Sherlock Gnomes (and Dr. Watson). The bits and pieces that I saw of it were quite cute and sprinkled with jokes and references for the adults with all the humor and cuteness for the kids.UntitledNot only did Riley enjoy the movie, but we got some fun goodies to go along with it. He was a big fan of painting his own gnome. There really was no rhyme or reason to it, but he loves it, so I love it. And it’s now found a home on our patio.

And the gnome must guard a garden right? So after watching the movie and explaining a bit about gardens and gnomes to Riley, it was only appropriate that we put our little garden kit to use!UntitledBasically, Sherlock Gnomes taught Riley a bit about gardens and gnomes and upped his tiny obsession with dragons.

If you want a fun, music-filled movie for the kiddos you’ve got Riley’s approval for Sherlock Gnomes.

Sherlock Gnomes is out on Blu-Ray today and you can buy it on Amazon here.


*I received Sherlock Gnomes and the fun goodies for free, however, the opinions are all mine and Riley’s*


happy tuesday!

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