Emotional Whiplash.

by katelin on June 1, 2018

Cry babies
Life with a three year old is exhausting. It’s fun, but it’s exhausting.

Lately we’ve been dealing with some extremes. Extreme cuteness when Riley tries to make Rhys laugh. And extreme adorableness when he succeeds. Extreme sweetness when he asks me for hugs out of the blue or wants to be held.

But then we have extreme tantrums. And extreme rebellions. With more throwing and yelling and body throwing (Riley’s) than I care for.

And sweet mercy if I’m not mentally (and physically) drained these days.

And it’s not just the three year old. Some days Rhys goes from totally adorable and content to straight up pissed of. And some days my boys are in sync and I get times like the picture above. It’s ridiculous, yet comical. Because really? Really?

Basically, I’ve decided that life lately is just an Emotional Whiplash. There’s the good and there’s the bad and I’ve got to take it all in stride. I know the days are long and the years are short and I know one day I’ll miss these moments and yeah yeah yeah. But I also know that if I don’t laugh at the days above, I’ll totally lose my mind.

Essentially I’ve come to accept that I don’t have to like my kids all the time. I will love them always, but I don’t have to like them. And that’s okay.

Parenthood is a trip.


happy weekend!

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