A Letter from My Little Brother.

Family Grads
Four years ago I wrote my little brother a letter before he left for college. And honestly, I sort of forgot about it.

This past weekend, he graduated. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the trip to New York but my parents, my aunt, my sister and her fiancé did. And thanks to technology I got to watch him cross the stage and hear his name announced via a livestream.

But before all of that, my brother texted me last Thursday and said he had to email me something. We were on the road almost all day and I kind of forgot he emailed me something (see a trend here, I forget things. Also, blame sleep deprivation and two small children, ha).

Alas, Thursday night I finally opened his email only to start tearing up immediately. Kyle wrote me a letter of his own.

Dear Katelin,

In a week I will be a college graduate and four years ago you wrote me a letter with the best advice and now I think it is a good time to tell you how it went. When I left for New York City you and Matt were just you and Matt, now your family has literally doubled in size. When you were at Denison you looked forward to coming home to me and Kurt and now during my past four years I have always looked forward to coming home to your little ones.

Now for the updates on what you told me to do.

My summer after high school was great and I had all the funs, not a second was wasted. Some friendships have faded while others have strengthened. Things were certainly different during winter and summer breaks but the new lives in the new places we have made have been awesome. I didn’t spend as much time as I could with mom, dad and Kurt but coming to New York made me realize and understand that my family is the strongest and most important piece of my life.

One. I had loads of fun. New York City did not disappoint. I traveled all over the country and the world. I saw things I never would have imagined four years ago. Learned some school stuff. And made plenty of friends. I did plenty of ridiculous things that I will never forget.

Two. I was safe. I know the subways like the back of my hand. Most decisions I made were smart and I only drunk texted you and Kourtney a dozen or so times.

Three. I didn’t have any 8am classes but did I have one 7:30am class and it was not the business. I only skipped a few times but I enjoyed it since I made it pass/fail, haha.

Four. I was not an excessive class skipper. I loved most of my classes and definitely tried to get the most I could out of St. John’s.

Five. Lol I didn’t go to a school with dining trays so some New York City advice for you if come here is the sticky colored things on the ground and on rails isn’t candy.

We have both changed a lot since you wrote to me but I don’t think I could have become who I am now with you so thank you. You’ve helped me as much as anyone. Facetiming with Riley when I was away, being someone to talk to about things when I was home and keeping mom and dad sane meant more to me than you think. I know I was a pain way back when but I’m so excited for you and your family. I can’t wait to see what lies in store for you, Matt, Riley and Rhys. I am and always have been proud of you too and love you a whole lot.


Your Biggest Brother, Kyle



I’m so proud of my goofy little smart-ass brother. And needless to say, he’s constantly surprising me .


happy tuesday!