Rhys: One Month

UntitledGuys. GUYS. Yesterday marked ONE MONTH OF RHYS. Also ONE MONTH OF TWO KIDS. And sweet mercy, we made it. I made it. Barely, ha.

I feel like this calls for a celebration, or a donut, or more wine, ha.

But really, it’s amazing how fast this month went and how little sleep I got. To celebrate, I want to do a monthly Rhys recap like I did for Riley, so here we go:



– Is a little barnacle. He wants to be held 90% of the day. Thank goodness for the Ergo.

– Hates being swaddled. Hates the pacifier. Loves being held. Loves the boob.

– Has some seriously well functioning lungs.

– Loves to sleep all day and party all night. Well not necessarily party, but he is waking up about every hour or hour and a half every night (joy!).

– Has some seriously judgmental faces, just like Riley. It cracks me up, EVERY SINGLE TIME.
– Is the nosiest baby. Even when he sleeps, he’s making noise.

– HATES being naked. The bath is not his friend and diaper changes are the worst. He basically just hates being cold and I don’t blame him. But sweet mercy kid, give my ears a break.

– Has peed on me at least five times.

– Sneezes multiple times like I do. So he’s clearly my kid.

– Is so fascinated by Riley, it’s adorable.

– Was a good sport for Easter and adorably rocked the too-big bunny ears.

– Am the most tired. Like so tired. Like I forgot how to turn on my coffee machine tired.

– Have been reading. Watching shows. Going out in the world. And it feels like a damn miracle every single time.

– Am so amazed by my tiny humans. It’s so weird how similar they are and yet so different.
– Am already back to work. When you work for yourself you don’t really get maternity leave, which is kind of a bummer. So I’ve been pulling some even later nights to get work done and guys, can I just win the lotto already?

– Can’t wait for my BFF Jen to come visit at the end of the month. She’s staying for a few days and I can’t wait to catch up, drink wine, let her get all the baby snuggles she needs and just be.

– Also can’t wait for my BFF Megan to have her baby at the end of May. She’s having a little boy and it’s already been decided that he’s Rhys’ future BFF and Riley will just lead them both around.

– Am still figuring out motherhood. Second time around doesn’t make it any easier, but I feel like I’m learning it out all over again. And that’s okay. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s quite alright to not have it figured it out just yet.


happy tuesday!