A little sign.

by katelin on April 4, 2018


Admittedly I believe in them. I also still make wishes and say a little prayer here and there. It gives me comfort and sometimes I don’t even know what to do when there’s a sign or what it means, but I know it’s there.

And why am I talking about this?

Well, I just can’t stop thinking about the night Rhys was born.

The whole night was a blur of comedic errors and ridiculous pain (seriously, so much worse than when I had Riley). When I was finally admitted to the hospital and getting settled into a bed in a labor and delivery room, I noticed the nametag of nurse that was helping me. Mind you, I was in tears at this point and the pain was more than I was ready for, but her name struck me as familiar. And then I saw the picture on her ID and then I saw her.

And it registered and in between crying I asked her “Are you Steve Ford’s mom?”

She was a bit taken aback but said “Yes, I am. Did you know my son?”

And guys, I almost started crying some more (let’s be honest,if you ask Matt I probably did).

Once things settled down and I got the good ole drugs to ease the pain we got to chat. She was my head nurse for the night, so we had time. And I told her that Steve and I were friends in high school and I was one of the Poly kids. And it was just nice to talk about him.

Steve committed suicide five and a half years ago.

I still find myself thinking about him at random times. So to have his mom be there when I delivered my son was some oddly therapeutic full circle thing.

I still can’t fully grasp what this sign meant, or what it really was, but it was comforting.

So thanks Universe, I needed that.



happy wednesday!

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