I Made It!

by katelin on March 28, 2018

Yesterday was the first time I had the boys all day long. It was basically the beginning of the new normal.

The past two weeks I’d been so fortunate that Matt was able to take some time off and then my mom had Spring Break and my godmother was in town on Monday. So I hadn’t really had both Riley and Rhys for a long period of time yet. Until yesterday.

And I survived.

We ventured to our class in the morning. We spent the afternoon playing with cars, singing along to Hamilton¬†and not napping (well Riley didn’t nap, Rhys did and only when I held him).

I kept both boys entertained. I managed to eat something. I got work done (because yes, working for myself means my ‘maternity leave’ is only two weeks and I’m back to working). I didn’t melt down or freak out. I didn’t cry (that was all Rhys, and even Riley once). I made dinner. And I had a glass of wine to celebrate.

Yesterday wasn’t the best day, but it also wasn’t the hardest day. But I made it, and today is a new day. And another day to get my feet wet at this parenting two kids business. So wish me luck, I have a feeling it’s going to be quite an adventure.



happy wednesday!

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