The Final Countdown.

by katelin on February 16, 2018

UntitledGuys, we are in the home stretch. Like holy moly how did we get here already? This baby can be here any time in the next few weeks and sweet mercy, this is actually happening. I went back and read the post I did when I was at this point in my pregnancy with Riley and yep, it’s about the same.

How far along? 36 weeks (8ish months).

How big is baby? According to our doctor’s appointment last week, baby boy is measuring close to 6lbs. And has a big head (JOY!).

Total weight gain: 20ish lbs.


Anxious about: THIS BABY CAN ARRIVE AT ANY TIME. How is Riley going to react? Will I really be able to work like a normal person and care for two tiny tots at the same time? Am I just going to be a semi-functioning zombie? THIS BABY DOESN’T HAVE A NAME YET. Oh right, LABOR. Hopefully second time will be a quicker and easier experience (fingers crossed).

Excited about: THIS BABY CAN ARRIVE AT ANY TIME. And I get to dress him in all of Riley’s adorable clothes. And swaddle him and snuggle him. And ohmygoodness the new baby smell. Becoming a family of four.

Feeling: Excited. Stressed. Tired. Happy. Nervous. Winded. And that was just in the last five minutes, ha.

Exercise: My only exercise continues to be keeping up with Riley. He did finally start riding a new bike he got for Christmas so that’s definitely kept me moving even faster than before, ha.

Sleep: HA. If it’s not the baby in my belly waking me up to pee, it’s the toddler down the hall that has developed an irrational fear of a crocodile under his bed. So yeah, sleep is illusive. Coffee is my friend. And I can tell it’s going to be my BFF in a few weeks once the little one arrives.

Movement: Dude is a mover. Especially at night. And I admittedly love it. Riley’s been able to feel it a few times and has been unfazed. I get more emotional about it than he does.

Food cravings: On Monday night I had Matt run to the store and grab me chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. And a few weeks ago it was a slushee request. I also keep devouring boxes of Frosted Flakes in record time. Basically, this baby is going to come out coated in sugar.


I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and apparently I’m already 1.5cm dilated. So you know, that fun game again of how long will I be dilated for before I actually go into labor. It definitely made me want to finish everything on my to-do list that’s for sure.

Speaking of to-do lists, we still have to install the baby car seat and wash all the new sheets and clothes. The other day I took out the bottles and put them into our cupboards and goodness if that didn’t freak me out a little bit.

Back in January we did maternity pictures with Lan again and guys, I am in love. I haven’t felt nearly as glowy and pretty this pregnancy as I did with Riley, but looking at the pictures I feel radiant. I also already feel nostalgic that this is probably the last time I’m going to be pregnant.

Riley continues to be the sweetest and kiss my belly unprompted all of the time. He also asks when his brother is coming and admittedly thought a new stuffed animal was his brother. So you know, we’ve got some books to read and a bit of explaining to do, ha.


Basically I can’t wait to meet this little guy and can’t believe how soon that’s going to happen.


happy weekend!

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