On Turning Three.

by katelin on February 7, 2018

On Monday, Riley turned three. And as a surprise to no one, it gave me a whole lot of feelings.

For weeks he had been asking when it was going to be his birthday and the day finally came. Although, he probably thought it was Saturday when we threw a party for him. But still, it’s just a whole long birthday weekend. He’s learning early that we love birthdays in this house.

He also fits right in with his love of pizza and cake. Because he cared more about that than anything else (even the presents).

I loved seeing his little face light up when his friends came over and when there were balloons to play with and cars to roll up and down the ramp his dad made. I loved it all.

And I still love it all.

I’m having a weird time grasping that this kid is three. Two was no picnic and from what I’ve heard, three is going to be even harder, the Threenager years if you will. So I can’t decide if I’m excited, nostalgic, nervous or all around just emotional. Maybe a combination of all of the above, and then some.

Either way, I’m the mom of a three-year-old. And soon to be a mom of two kids. All of this is weird. And crazy. And sort of kind of awesome.

I’m feeling like a real lucky lady these days.




happy wednesday!

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