A Letter to my Son.

by katelin on January 25, 2018

Maternity Preview
Dear Riley,

Please sleep.


I kid, I kid. I’m writing this post in a much more sentimental manner due to the pending arrival of your little brother. Although, I really am not kidding (FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD, PLEASE SLEEP).

But back to the point: You’re my first child. You’re the little miracle baby who made me a mom. Nothing will ever replace that, ever.

I wish I could tell exactly how life is going to be in a few weeks. I wish I could fully explain to you that the little brother you love giving kisses to and talking to now will soon be on the outside. And he’s going to cry. And he’s going to make mommy more tired than you do. And he’s going to smile. And we’re going to love him. And he’s going to make our lives a whole lot different than they are now.

But that’s not going to change how much I love you.

I wish I could know that you get this. But at almost three years old, I’m pretty sure that this concept of a baby brother is pretty foreign. It’s fun to talk about and imagine, but it’s also going to be so incredibly new and I just want you to know that’s okay.

You will always be my first baby, my non-sleeping baby (now toddler), my snuggly, sweet and goofy little guy. And I truly cannot wait to see you take on the role of big brother.

I love you my little monster.


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