2018 will be the year I…

by katelin on January 9, 2018

*I loved this idea from Kate & just had to make one of my own. Thanks, Kate!
Become a mother of two. Sweet Mercy.

Read 20 books. It’s ambitious, but I feel like I can pull it off.


Celebrate my little sister’s wedding!

Ask for help when I need it. I can already tell I’m taking on too much this year and I need to know when to ask for help.

Work on my marriage. One of my biggest worries with our growing family is losing that time with Matt.

Budget. Budget. Budget.

Go back to gluten free.

Write more.

Reach out to friends more. I know I’m probably going to fall into a newborn bubble haze, but once I come out I want to stay in contact with friends and reach out to those I haven’t heard from.

Get in front of the camera more.



And what will you do this year?

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