The Holiday Numbers (Vol. 5)

by katelin on January 4, 2018

YOU GUYS. HOW IS IT 2018? I mean, I was ready to say farewell to 2017 as was 99% of the people I knew, but still, the fact that it’s 2018 is baffling. The holidays were a blur and eventually I did get out of my Grinch-ness a bit and everything did come together in time. And because my brain is still catching up with the past two weeks, here’s a bit of a holiday recap if you will:

Number of times I watched The Holiday: 4
Number of times I watched Love Actually: 2
Number of times I watched A Christmas Prince: 1 (and that’s all I needed, ha).
Snow Days: Just 1. It took some corralling to get Riley into the snow at the local kids museum and admittedly one minute after this picture was taken a kid pegged him in the face with a snowball (WHOOPS).
UntitledBooks Read: 1. I started and finished Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng and go ahead and add it to your list right now. She is an amazing storyteller.
Trips to Target: 4 maybe 5. Seriously, maybe even more. I swear I made so many trips to Target it was almost embarrassing.
Dinosaur Sightings: Just 1. But it was on Christmas and Riley hasn’t stopped talking about it since.

Time it took two toddlers to open Christmas presents: Less than ten minutes. Seriously, it was a blur or a tiny tornado if you will.
Visits to Zoo Lights: 1 and even though it was crowded, it was pretty dang magical.
Number of cookies consumed: The limit does not exist.
Similarly, number of donuts and sweets eaten: I have no idea. But it’s probably a lot.
Number of Christmas stories read to Riley: We have at least twenty and I’m pretty sure I read all of them at least five times each. Christmastime was alive and well in his world.
Number of times I realized how different this picture will look next year: At least 10. But really, holy crap. Next Christmas there will be four of us.

UntitledTimes I stayed awake until midnight: ONCE. NEW YEAR’S EVE. I MADE IT TO MIDNIGHT. And then passed out in bed at 12:15 and Riley woke me up at 1:10. THANKS UNIVERSE, I GET IT. I’m not meant for midnight any more.

And how were your holidays?


happy thursday!

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