Real Talk: I Feel Like a Grinch.

by katelin on December 22, 2017

It’s three days until Christmas and as I’m writing this,I feel anything but the Christmas spirit.

Matt’s seeing Star Wars with some friends and right now I should be doing dishes or Riley’s laundry or responding to the client emails I’ve postponed today or wrapping presents. Instead, I just said ‘fuck it’, turned on The Holiday, heated up some cider and whipped out a mini cake my mom brought over. Riley is in bed but will probably get out four more times while I’m typing this.

So you know, things are going great.

In short, Riley’s been sick since Monday. We found out Wednesday that he has a double ear infection. Not only that but he’s had a cough that’s so bad it’s keeping him up most of the night. It’s even so bad that yesterday he coughed so hard that he puked all over me (#glamorousparenting).

Add to that the fact that I haven’t had a stretch of sleep go longer than three hours in weeks, I’m feeling like a grump. I legitimately wake up more than tired, I wake up upset and it’s irritating. If it’s not Riley waking up every few hours, it’s the whole being pregnant thing and having to pee or blow my nose. I miss sleep. And not getting it is adding to my Grinch-ness.

Earlier this week after Riley went to bed I was on a mission to finish our Christmas shopping and hit up six stores in three hours, and made it home after eleven. I was glad to be done shopping, but sweet mercy, I would like to never do that again.

As I type this, none of our gifts are wrapped. NONE. But, thank goodness for bags, amiright?

I guess the point of me writing this is to say that I really wish I was feeling more Christmassy and it has not been for lack of trying. We hosted our annual sweater party, we went to a friend’s cookie decorating party, we’ve gone to tree lightnings and Zoo lights and I’ve listened to Christmas music nonstop for twenty days.

But eff if a sick kid, a sick husband (have I mentioned Matt’s forever cough) and an exhausted mom don’t put a damper on that holiday spirit.

And I know by Monday I’ll get there and I’ll love it. And I’ll see Riley’s excited face as he opens presents and gets new cars or books and it’ll make it worth it.

I just wish that ‘worth it’ feeling would come a whole lot sooner.



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