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by katelin on December 6, 2017

I feel like my brain has been all over the place lately. Like I can’t keep thoughts straight and my to-do lists are taking over and sweet mercy, what is going on? So, with that, have a peek inside my brain these days:

“Growing a person is just so weird. It’s amazing, but it’s freaking weird.”

“Will I ever sleep again? I miss sleep.”

“Please don’t let some terrible story come out about Keanu Reeves, I just couldn’t handle that right now.”

“Who is actually more excited for Christmastime, me or Riley? I still can’t totally tell.”

“You know what sounds good right now, mayonaise and pesto on a tortilla with cheese. You know what also sounds good? Chocolate.”

“It’s so windy, I should probably be wearing real shoes right now instead of flip flops.”

“Is there such a thing as too much sugar? God, I hope not.”

“Wait, is Riley still talking to me? Whoops. No idea what’s going on right now.”

“You need me to make my next dentist appointment for six months from now. HOLY CRAP. MY LIFE WILL BE SO DIFFERENT SIX MONTHS FROM NOW.”

“Just how many times will I watch The Holiday this month? My guess is five. Maybe more.”

“Can I just give everyone Riley artwork for Christmas and call it a day?”

“How many things can we do with Riley in the next three months before his world is totally rocked?”

“Is it nap time yet?”

“How many days have I worn these leggings now? Crap, do they have a hole in them? Thank goodness for long shirts, amiright?”

“Whose smile is cheesier, mine or Riley’s?”


What’s on your mind lately, kids?


happy wednesday!

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