Holiday Wonder.

by katelin on November 28, 2017

Christmas snow
Last night when I was driving Riley home from my mother-in-law’s house I made a quick detour to drive past a house that was decked out with lights. And I mean decked out. Lights all around the house, light up figurines all over the yard, the works.

I slowed down to point ┬áit out to Riley and all I could hear was “Oh wooooow.” Followed by “Mommy, is it Christmastime?”

And I’m pretty sure my heart grew three sizes.

Last week we went to a tree lightning downtown and at the end of it, Santa arrived and fake snow (aka bubbles) fell down over everyone. And you guys, Riley lost his dang mind. I don’t know if it was Santa or the bubbles or the Christmas music, but all of it gave me so many feelings. I loved seeing his eyes light up while on Matt’s shoulders.

I know Riley doesn’t totally understand the holidays just yet, but hearing him and seeing him get so excited about the holiday wonder makes me oh so very happy.

It also makes me so excited for the things to come, like decorating our apartment, zoo lights, more lights, singing Christmas music, all of it.


Do you still get that holiday wonder?


happy tuesday!

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