The World Turned Upside Down.

by katelin on October 19, 2017

So yes, last week was weird. And tinted with sadness.

But by the weekend, it was a bit on the up and up.

On Saturday I got to celebrate one of my best friend’s son’s 11th birthday. I remember when that kid was born and holy moly, being at the birthday party for an 11 year old boy was an eye opener into my future (HOLD ME).

It was fun to watch Riley try and keep up with the big kids while simultaneously staying in his own little car-playing heaven. It was also nice to hang out with Katrina and her family and Matt and just relax.

On Sunday we spent the morning together at a little Fall Festival. It was too cute watching Riley and his cousin run around and explore the place and enjoy the petting zoo. We also ran into some friends and had a great time hanging out with them as well. Untitled

And then. Sunday night. WE. SAW. HAMILTON.


Remember back in April when I put together a birthday wishlist and seeing Hamilton was on there? Yeah well my BFF Megan remembered and when she magically got tickets, invited me and Matt to join her and her husband.


I had been listening to the soundtrack for the past year, so I knew a lot of the songs but I didn’t really get the whole story. I definitely needed to see it to get it. AND I GET IT.

It was just so damn good.

I couldn’t stop singing along and I felt invigorated listening to the message in the songs. Admittedly, Wicked is still my favorite musical ever, but this is pretty high up there now.

So yeah, the week ended on a much better note than it started. And I am just so grateful.

And how have you been? Have you seen Hamilton? Did it give you feelings? Are you inspired?



happy thursday!

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