Strike a Pose.

by katelin on September 26, 2017

Guys, I did a thing.

A few months ago I randomly won a boudoir photo shoot. For a long time I really hesitated as to whether or not I’d even go through with it. I am not a sexy person. AT. ALL. It’s like a running joke that I cannot do “sexy” faces or “sexy” talk or anything modelesque. So why in the world would I do a photo shoot?

Well, why in the world wouldn’t I?

So I did it.

On a random Tuesday back in July I trekked down to the W hotel in Hollywood, met up with a photographer I’d never met and put on some lingerie and took pictures. It was a bit weird. But also, a bit fun. If I hadn’t just found out I was pregnant I definitely could have used a bit of liquid courage to loosen up. But alas, it was all me.

Ultimately the photographer was pretty awesome and accommodating and could tell that this was not my cup of tea. But she made me feel comfortable and we had music on and had fun. I had a few outfits on and definitely stepped outside my comfort zone a bit.

Clearly, I cannot share all the pictures here so I’ll just share the most PG one of them all.Bannan-90I realized that as much as I did this as a fun surprise for Matt (I didn’t tell him that I did it), I also did it for me.

High five, self.



And as a note, if I did it again, I’d definitely do a little more research into the photographer or the photo group. Not that I didn’t enjoy the one I used, but it was definitely more expensive than I thought to get my pictures (I only won the actual shoot and two print outs). 


happy tuesday!

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