FAQ: Baby Bannan 2.0

by katelin on September 14, 2017


Guys, thank you. I seriously feel so overwhelmed with love and excitement right now and I’m just so glad we could share our news with everyone.

Similar to when I announced my pregnancy with Riley, I figured there are probably a few questions and some of you feel a little weird asking them. So I’m here to answer them FAQ style again. Let’s go!

When are you due? 
March 11th!

So that means you’re how far along?
A little over 14 weeks, just finished the first trimester.

How are you feeling?
Well this is only a bit loaded, ha. Emotionally I’m ecstatic, happy and a tad nervous/terrified. I’m just so happy to welcome another kiddo into our family, but at the same time, another kiddo! It’s so much back and forth that it’s still hard to totally grasp that it’s all really happening.

It’s also still weird to grasp that I’m going to be a mom to two boys. TWO BOYS. Growing up I really only ever pictured myself to a mom of girls. So go figure, I’m now going to be a mom to boys. It’s weird how that can work out. Admittedly, I was really hoping this baby was a girl and I almost didn’t want to find out the gender again because of that.

I’m also a bit of nerves. I can’t help myself. With every bit of excitement, there’s a little bit of nervousness at something going wrong. Pregnancy is this weird yin yang of happiness and nervousness all at once and apparently that doesn’t change the second time around.

Alas, as cliche as it sounds, I’m just so excited overall.

And how am I feeling physically? I. AM. EXHAUSTED. That about covers it.

When did you find out?
July 7!

Let’s give some back story here: I went off of birth control in December. Matt and I figured we’d just wait and see what happened this time. I wasn’t tracking ovulation, we weren’t seeing a specialist, we figured if it happened it happened. And if after a year nothing happened, then we’d reevaluate. Alas, it happened.

After the roller coaster we went through with Riley, I could hardly believe it when I found out I was pregnant.

So remember when Riley got really sick? Well when he was on the up and up in between sicknesses I woke up one day feeling like total crap. I was so mad because I thought I had gotten his plague. I then realized that my period was about a week late (that was something I was tracking, since with PCOS before I didn’t always know when it would happen). I randomly decided to take a test and just see. And when those two pink lines showed up I started sobbing hysterically.

Riley was eating breakfast in his high chair and I came back out with tears streaking down my face as I laughed and cried and Riley goes “Mommy, sad? Mommy really happy?” It was just so sweet.

How was your first trimester? Did you get morning sickness?
Well the nausea was a lot worse than I remember it with Riley. I also had/have been having more aversions (popcorn, coffee, other random food here & there). I’ve also not been sleeping, which has been really hard. I literally just wake up and can’t go back to sleep for hours. I don’t even have to pee yet, I just wake up. It’s like my body is getting me ready to never sleep again (at least for the next three-ish years).

Does Riley get what’s happening?
Not quite. Or maybe? It’s hard to tell. We haven’t sat down with him yet to tell him, figured we’d save that for a few more months. However, I think he’s starting to pick up on things. Last week he randomly came up to me and gave me a hug. Then he kissed my belly and said he was “kissing Mommy’s baby.” I almost broke down in tears right then and there.

Other than that, I can’t wait for this kid to be a big brother, but we’re really going to have to work on his toy car sharing before then, ha.


So, I think that covers it. Any other questions? Feel free to ask. Here we go again!


happy thursday!

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