It’s a Good Day for a Good Day

by katelin on September 8, 2017


I feel like every day when I wake up something more horrible has happened. Whether it be a hurricane, a fire, a shooting or some new asinine thing our ridiculous president has said or done. It. Is. Exhausting.

And between world news and some personal life ish (a child who wakes up too early, me not sleeping, family drama rama, etc), life has felt a little overwhelming lately.

So today, I’m here to share some good things. Things I’m looking forward to. Things that are making me smile. Things that I want to focus on, so here goes:

– Riley’s bath time. It’s become ridiculous lately. Like he turns up the goof factor tenfold. It’s adorable.

– OUTLANDER COMES BACK ON SUNDAY! My excitement can’t even be fully captured by all caps. I’m so excited I could burst. I want to find some time to rewatch the season two finale before Sunday night and maybe even cook a meal from my Outlander cookbook because guys, ALL THE EXCITEMENT.

– We’re going to The Broad┬ámuseum on Saturday morning. I’ve heard great things and am so excited to finally check it out.

– Riley is having a sleepover at my parents’ house on Saturday night (I think I hear angels singing as I type that out).

– I’ve joined/started a book club. We’ve only had two meetings and read two books so far and there are only four of us, but it feels so good to have something for me. And books are involved, so it’s hard to go wrong there.

– Did I mention Outlander?

– Earlier this week I left Riley and Matt to go grocery shopping and Riley yelled at me to stop so he could give me more kisses. I almost cried.

– It’s finally under 100 degrees. And our AC is working (knock on wood). Last week when we had the most insane heat wave, our AC went out. It was not fun. So I’m grateful for lower temps and air conditioning that works.

– Fruit snacks. Get yourself a box of fruit snacks and let it work its magic. You’ll thank me.


What are your good things lately?


happy weekend!

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