Keep Taking the Help.

by katelin on August 24, 2017

Yesterday Matt got home from work early and I darted out of the house to do the glorious task of grocery shopping. BY MYSELF.

It was amazing. I went to three stores in an hour and a half, with no bribes necessary.

When I was at the last store checking out there was a mom behind me holding a six month old baby, three items and trying to talk to her busy body toddler. I had a full cart and was in no rush to get home right away and offered to let her go in front of me.

“Are you sure? Really? You don’t mind” is what she said to me.

To which I responded, “Yes. Please. Go for it. I know how impatient kids can be and I know you want to get out of here. I’ve got a toddler at home. I get it.”

She still struggled to literally hop in front of me, before she eventually told me/herself “Okay, thank you. I will take the help.”

And I’m glad she did. Because really, we all need to take the help. Two years ago I wrote about accepting help from my parents, but I feel like we all need the reminder to take the help from strangers too. I literally offered her the easiest thing I could because I knew she could use it, and she still hesitated. It’s so easy to feel like we’re imposing on other people, when really, sometimes they just want to help.

In my two and a half years as a mom I’ve come to realize that when people offer help, they mean it. And I should accept it. Always.

So this is my two cents for all new parents, or just parents, or just people: Take the Help.

Always, take the help.


happy thursday!

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