All by Myself.

by katelin on August 14, 2017


A week ago I was home with Riley while Matt was working and I realized, I didn’t know the last time I had any time to myself. Yes, when Riley is napping I get to spend some time alone, but to me, that doesn’t really count. That’s usually when I’m working or trying to finish up some chores and it’s all in a frenzy to capitalize on what little time I have without a busy toddler following me around.

So, I made the grand decision that I needed Matt and Riley to leave. And that’s just what they did yesterday morning. And it was GLORIOUS.

In the three plus hours I had to myself I managed to do the following:

  • Washed the dishes, loaded the dishwasher and made the bed (I was going to avoid chores, but a clean house makes me happiest).
  • Took a fantastically long shower while blaring pop music as loud as I could.
  • Had an epic post-shower dance party.
  • Stayed in my towel for two solid hours. Guys. Towel time is legit magical.
  • Read a few chapters of Ready Player One (I am so on board with this book and am already a fan).
  • Watched Pride & Prejudice¬†for the umpteenth time while doing People crosswords.
  • Closed my eyes (because sweet mercy my child has been waking up at 5am lately and just NOPE).
  • Managed to scribble a few notes in my journal.

I honestly didn’t realize just how much I needed some time to myself. And it was just so nice. I felt like I hit a nice reset button. And I’m ready to take on the week ahead. And the toddler who won’t sleep.


Let’s do this.


happy monday!

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