My Revised Resume.

by katelin on August 2, 2017

The other day while I was working on my resume, I realized, it was missing a few things. I mean, if I was to be totally honest my resume would be pretty amazing with all my new added qualifications and skills. So here goes:

UntitledI would definitely include this photo because it shows that I use SnapChat. So that makes me hip right? Also, puppy faces are so cute, if not really weird.

Name: Katelin Bannan

Current Profession: Personal Assistant (also Chauffeur, Valet, Maid, Laundromat, Chef & Playmate to a demanding toddler). Freelance Social Media Consultant.

Languages spoken: English, Toddler, Gif, Emoji, TV quotes

Skills & Specialties:

  • Local park connoisseur & family activity expert.
  • Excellent at cleaning up crumbs.
  • Recovery of misplaced items (usually toys).
  • Great listener (even if it’s the same story over and over).
  • Toddler Negotiator.
  • Time management specialist.
  • Hand-wiping/washing advocate.
  • Dance party coordinator.
  • TV binge watcher extraordinaire.

Notable Accomplishments: 

  • *Chopped finalist.
  • Have read over 50 books** in the past month alone.
  • Once managed to blow a bubble as big as Riley’s hand.
  • Can make one cup of coffee last for hours.
  • Have managed to wear real pants at least twice a week.
  • I’ve made our bed every day since March.
  • Can sing along to every song in Moana & Sing.
  • Last week a stranger told me I looked well-rested.



So you see, who wouldn’t want to hire me with these amazing skills? The fine art of surviving toddlerhood is preparing me well for eventually heading back into the workforce with adults, I hope.


What skills would you include on your resume?


happy wednesday!


*not really, but when you make meals for a toddler on a regular basis, that’s what it feels like.
** kids books totally count.

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