Here We Are.

by katelin on June 29, 2017


I’m going to be frank, Matt and I are in a bit of a rut. Yesterday, it came to a head. We realized that we’ve been talking around each other and being indifferent and ultimately we’re fighting over things we don’t even understand. We’re both stressed, we’re both sick and we’re both tired.

HI – we’re self-employed parents of an early-rising, button-pushing toddler.

So yeah, it makes sense that things are stressful. We’re constantly worrying about our income, our kid, our marriage and our families.

And not that anyone likes to be in a fight with their significant other, but I hate it. I really do. Matt and I have known each other for seventeen years, been together for eleven of them and for a long time we rarely fought. We disagreed, yes. But fights? They were so incredibly rare. And then I feel like adulthood finally caught up with us.

I’m not saying we fight all the time, not even a little bit. But the constant cloak of stress that has been resting on us lately is finally catching up. And I’m not entirely sure what to do.

I know we’re going to talk. I know we’re going to try and make some plans to help alleviate our stress. I know we’re going to come out on the other side of this.

One of the reasons I know this is because yesterday after Matt and I texted and left things hanging, I took Riley to a new story time. And not just any story time, but one at the museum where Matt and I got married. They only do story time once a month and we’d never been before. And it just happened upon a day when I really needed it.

I was flooded with memories of our wedding when I pulled into the garage and all the amazing graffiti, unchanged from the past seven years. Going up the elevator with Riley and I remembered taking that same ride in my wedding dress.

It was like the universe knew I needed it.

And when story time was over and we headed back to the car, I took the picture above of Riley. Some of my favorite pictures from our wedding were in front of that crazy mural and seeing his goofy smile in the same place overwhelmed me in the best way.

So what I’m saying is that things aren’t always the best, but we’re going to work on it.

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