On Repeat.

by katelin on June 8, 2017

Lately, whenever I tell Riley I’m going to turn on some music his immediate response is “MONKEY SONG!” Which for those of you who haven’t watched SING hundreds of times, he means the song that the gorilla (come on kid, let’s work on that, ha) Johnny, sings at the end of the movie – “I’m Still Standing.”

Whenever that song ends, he either asks to hear it again or “THE PIGGIE SONG!” – which again, let me translate, means “Shake it Off” as sung by the pigs in SING. From there we tend either to play “MEENA’S SONG” – apparently the only character who he actually knows their name or we go back to the beginning and play the other two songs over again.

And I surprisingly don’t mind.

For a long while we were in the throes of playing Moana songs on repeat, all day, every day. And occasionally we still do. Riley’s eyes light up when Moana songs come on Pandora and he tells me which character is singing and that Moana has a boat (every. single. time.).

And I don’t mind that either.

Essentially, I think the repetitive nature of parenthood is the one area I thrive in because I’m the same way. When I find a song I like, I play it over and over. When I find a show I like, I talk about it nonstop.

And apparently Riley has inherited that trait as well. Or he’s just a toddler, it’s hard to tell really.

Either way, I’m cool with the repeats.


Are you a repeat player? Is your kid? Were you as a kid? Repeats, all day, every day.


happy thursday!

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