The Week of Things.

by katelin on May 17, 2017

I know it’s already Wednesday, but you guys, the past week has been full of things. Awesome things. Fun things. A whole lot of wonderful things.


Last Thursday night, I saw Craig David in concert for the fifth time. And it was just as amazing as it sounds. It was a late night but it was worth it. He put on a great show and I got to be a total fangirl yet again. I also got to spend some quality time with my sister as she indulged in my crazy, it was perfect.

On Saturday, I got to watch my son totally lose his mind over fire trucks. I mean seriously, he loves all trucks, but getting his own firefighter hat and climbing on trucks – this kid was in heaven. It was also so nice to do something together as a family. We’ve had a crazy couple of weeks of mismatching schedules and overall busyness, so just being together was superb.


After the fire house, we celebrated Mother’s Day early at my mother-in-law’s house and you guys, we could not have preordered better weather. Riley got to spend the afternoon splashing in water with his cousin and blowing bubbles and playing with toys. And just, it was perfect. It was also nice that even though he was having a grand ole time at grandma’s house, my little guy was perfectly content cozying up with me for a little break.


On Mother’s Day, I got to sleep in, drink coffee, drink mimosas, drink wine, see my family, take a nap, read, finish watching the new season of Master of None (you guys, this show, it’s just so good) and have some time to myself.

It was actual perfection. Riley didn’t fight naps, he didn’t throw too many tantrums and as much as I love being mom 24/7, it was nice to let family step in to help a little more. Also, naps. They are glorious.


Overall,  last week was a delight.

I want more weeks like that.

And how have you been?


happy wednesday!

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