Treat Yo Self.

by katelin on April 28, 2017

Birthday flowers
So Tuesday was my birthday. And it was exactly the day I wanted it to be.

I woke up before Riley and left Matt at home to get myself a free Starbucks. When I was ordering my venti vanilla iced latte I decided to add another shot of espresso and another shot of vanilla, the barista essentially gave me a “high five” after I said “It’s my birthday and I have a toddler.”

The morning went by in a blur and before I knew it it was time to drop Riley off at Matt’s mom’s house. She is a gem and Riley barely cared that I was leaving, so that was great. I blared my music as I left, made my way to the spa and settled in for one hell of a morning.

I checked into the spa an hour and a half before I scheduled my massage. With my extra time I took advantage of cucumber water, the jacuzzi, the steam room (for about thirty seconds), the sauna and the quiet room. It was heavenly.

Then I settled in for my hour-long ‘Pure Relaxation’ massage and it was magic. Once my massage was over I took full advantage of all the freebies and the awesome shower in the spa before I left and treated myself to lunch. I had lunch outside, I read my book, I picked up a free dessert.

Eventually I picked Riley up and we spent the afternoon dancing together. Seriously, lots of dancing.

Matt came home from work with flowers, chocolates and wine (it’s all a girl really needs, right?) and we all hung out together while I enjoyed cake for dinner. Seriously. Best decision ever.

And that night? My mom came over to watch a sleeping Riley and me, Matt, my sister and my best friend enjoyed late night happy hour at a restaurant up the street from our house. It was the perfect cap to a wonderfully delightful day.

Overall, a birthday that isn’t all that big was exactly the birthday I needed. I felt like I was hitting a reset button. Between the day itself and the outpouring of love via text and Facebook and Twitter from friends and family near and far, I felt it.

It also didn’t hurt that I got some pretty sweet birthday gifts from people that know me well (I basically got everything on my list and it was the bestest).

So what I’m saying is that Tuesday was a good day and I’m hoping it’s only the start of a great year to come.


happy weekend all!

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