This Is My Life Now.

by katelin on March 30, 2017

Last week Riley randomly got sick and instead of napping we sat on the floor and watched Moana. Well he watched Moana and tried to do work on my computer next to him. Somehow before the movie started he discovered a lost sheet of stickers. And it was only when the movie started that I noticed him slyly putting each and every one of them on my arm.

Seriously, he didn’t take his eyes off of the TV once but continued to make sure every sticker on his sheet had a new home: my arm.

It was in that moment that I smiled and laughed to myself, because this is my life now. Stickers on my arm. Random days of sickness. Trying to work while singing Disney songs.

And then it made me think of the other silly things that are my life now, like having our home away from home be the construction sites around the block. If you follow me on Snapchat (@radban) or Instagram (@katelinb) you know that Riley is OBSESSED. And that we spend at least two to three days a week walking past the construction sites, waving to the trucks.


Seriously we just go there and linger. I don’t even think Riley cares about the people, but the trucks, oh the trucks. He waves at them even when they’re not moving. He tells them ‘bye’ when we have to leave. And I kid you not, on more than one occasion we have followed a garbage truck down the street.

And when it’s not trucks, it’s sticks. Or balls. Or dressing up to be “SUPER.”

UntitledEvery day this kid makes me laugh. Don’t get me wrong, he also drives me crazy too, but most of the time I laugh. I love the things he decides to love. I’m always entertained by his latest story. And every day I’ve come to realize that my life now revolves around my child’s love of trucks and now, stickers.

Life is weird, life is fun and life is just plain silly when you have a toddler.


happy thursday!

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