It’s Okay to Sit.

by katelin on March 13, 2017

UntitledI have a confession to make: Sometimes, I sit down at the park.

Not that big of a confession, but one I felt needed sharing nonetheless.

You guys. Sometimes I walk Riley to the park and I just want him to play. I don’t want to have to follow him around and monitor his every move. So sometimes, I sit. And even if he asks me to come with him, I refuse. I’m allowed to, I’m his mom.

And being mom means that I don’t always have to do what my kid wants.

And that’s okay.

But seriously. Sometimes I’m exhausted and just want a break. Other times I want my kid to play with the other kids or to get creative with his toys. I don’t think it makes me lazy or uninvolved, it makes me normal. And that’s okay, right? Right.

I’m basically writing this post to say that I sit down sometimes. I don’t have to hover to parent properly. And you can too. We all can.

We can take a seat every now and then.


Unless he asks to go on the swings, I always make an exception for the swings. Obviously.



happy monday!

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