by katelin on March 8, 2017


Drinking. All the coffee. And wine. But mostly coffee.

Watching. Everything. Seriously, my Netflix queue is bursting and my DVR is full. But my current favorites right now are Big Little Lies, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Black Mirror and TGIT.

Reading. The Underground Railroad and albeit a real serious subject, it’s pretty good so far. Also, all the kids books, all of the time. Riley is a bit of a bookworm and I sort of really love it.
Listening. Hamilton. Adele. Moana. In that order.

Playing. Words with Friends. Always.

Saying. “Please, stop touching that.” “Please, don’t throw that.” “Did you poop?”

Eating. Chocolate chips. That’s a solid meal plan right?

Laughing at. My child. All day every day. He’s talking more and starting to pretend things, it’s adorable and ridiculous. He’s also gotten into the habit of loudly cheering me on every time I use the bathroom and it’s pretty comical.
Loving. The fact that Saturday night, Matt and I moved our mattress into the living room and camped out. Sunday morning, Riley joined us and we ate breakfast in bed and watched Moana. It was truly my favorite.

Hating. Finances. All of it. I just need to win the lotto or get a kick ass job or discover oil or a rare coin or become a celebrity (I mean, I’m sort of on my way there – I did film a commercial after all, ha).

Exploring. Our city. As the weather continues to get nicer I keep looking for reasons to get outside. So far we’ve visited gardens and parks and almost every library in the city. It’s so fun now that Riley is older to go more places, and I can’t wait for Springtime.



What have you been up to lately?



happy wednesday!

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