Let’s Make the Bed.

by katelin on March 1, 2017

I have always hated making the bed. So much so that most of my high school and college years I purposefully just slept on the comforter¬†so I wouldn’t have to make the bed. When Matt and I moved in together we were mutually indifferent to making the bed. So our bed was constantly a mess of sheets and blankets and a comforter that was always half off the bed.

For some reason, I decided to change that this year. 2017: The Year I Decided to Make the Bed. Every single day.

I don’t know what spark went off or what changed, but I woke up in the beginning of the year and decided that making the bed every morning would be a good thing. And so far, it has been.

I don’t even make it neatly, as you can tell from the picture above, but I make it. And it makes me feel better. Which is weird.

I guess the point in me sharing this is because although things feel chaotic and out of my control lately, I feel like making the bed is one thing I can control.

And it’s one thing that makes me feel like I’ve got some things together. And I really do love our comforter so it’s nice to look at when I pass our room.


Do you make your bed? Is this the weirdest post in a long time? (the answer is yes).


happy wednesday!

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