Sweet & Sour.

by katelin on February 23, 2017

You know those Sour Patch commercials where they go “At first they’re sour, then they’re sweet”? Well, I feel like it’s an accurate portrayal of my life now. Or basically my life with a two year old.

On Tuesday, I was having a day. I don’t even know what happened or what came over me, but I was having a day. By about 4:30 I had broken down in tears and I didn’t know why. I curled up on our couch, calmed myself down a bit, turned on Beat Bugs for Riley and just sat there.

Not even two minutes later, Riley got up, walked behind the couch and grabbed “mommy’s blanket.” Without being prompted he came over to me, gave me my blanket and said “Mommy, sleep.” Then he proceeded to sit right next to me and get under the blanket too. It was so insanely sweet that I basically started crying again, ha.

And then there was the twenty minutes before bedtime. Riley pulled a full on Dr. Jekyl and was throwing tantrum after tantrum. He was getting frustrated with his toys, he didn’t want to change into his pajamas, he didn’t know what he wanted to do. And he screamed so loudly I’m pretty sure our neighbors down the block were covering their ears.

In short, it was a joy.

By the time bedtime rolled around he was back to being himself. Matt read him stories, he curled up with his Mickey and went to bed.

Basically, the sweetness outweighs the sour. And I’m so happy for the sweet.

This toddler business is exhausting. And adorable. And tiring. And the sweetest.


happy thursday!

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