On Turning Two.

by katelin on February 3, 2017


Dear Riley,

On Sunday, you’ll turn two years old. How that happened is beyond me.

Last I checked, you were still a sleep terrorist who liked cuddles and a wooden spoon and could barely say ‘mama.’ Now you’re a toddler sleep terrorist who loves hugs and throwing balls and is surprising us daily with all the new words you are learning.

Every day I am amazed by you. I mean I’m also stressed out, exhausted and overwhelmed by you. But mainly amazed.

Amazed that you are my child. Amazed by how quickly you learn. Amazed by your love of baking with me. Amazed by super hearing (although I’m pretty sure this only applies to hearing the garbage truck).

Riley you make me laugh constantly. You are truly my goofy little child.


Your smile is infectious and your giggle is heart meltingly cute.

I hope you continue to stay inquisitive and giggly. I hope this year brings your more adventures and little friends to call your own. I hope we see the garbage truck every day and I promise to sing silly songs all of the time.

Riley Charles, thank you for choosing us.

I love you so.


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