The Sweet Moments.

by katelin on January 19, 2017

On Sunday we went to Travel Town. And then Riley took a THREE HOUR nap. It was damn glorious. And I had the audacity to talk about it. And share it. And bask in it. Because Monday rolled around and Riley woke up at the crack of 4:30AM. And did not go back to sleep.


He was loud and so very awake and just, no. We were not ready for that madness.

And when nap time rolled around I thought he would be tired. I thought wrong. He battled me for TWO solid hours. It was treacherous. I texted friends venting. I texted Matt. I stared at the monitor and willed my child to sleep. I willed it so hard. I silently screamed profanities. I couldn’t do anything but stare at the monitor because I had to make sure he wouldn’t try to climb out of his crib (because that’s a thing he can do now).

It was in short, THE WORST.

However, after two hours of back and forth he finally fell asleep.

Only to wake up an hour later.

I almost cried. I definitely sent a text to a friend saying “Toddlers are assholes sometimes.” I was fried.

So I went to pick Riley up and he was groggy. I took him out of his sleep sack and put him down. We came out into the front room and he immediately ran over to me and reached his hands up and said “Up Mama, UP! Pleaaaase”

So I picked him up. And he immediately curled up into me and put his head on my shoulder. All he wanted was to be held. And to snuggle. And he kept his head on my shoulder. He didn’t sleep but he also wasn’t crying, wasn’t laughing, wasn’t really doing anything.

And it was perfect.

It was the kind of moment we hadn’t had in a long time. It was almost like I had a baby again, instead of an almost-two-year-old.

And as sweet as it was, it was also hilarious. Because good lord my child played me. He may have driven me crazy for the whole morning and afternoon but the minute he curled up into me, it was over. I was over it and essentially melted into a mom puddle.

So what I’m saying is that these moments, the good moments, they make the terrible moments a little less terrible.

Well played toddler, well played.


happy thursday!

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